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This is a service that works for you, not a provider.

Simple, transparent, unique.
Designed to bring you the most affordable rates
for the bills you pay.
A service that helps you pay less and save more.



Premier Solutions, Inc. is a service that helps business owners and individuals save money on monthly expenses. Their specialty is renegotiating and reducing cost on telecommunication accounts. Working with your current provider to negotiate the best discounts and rates while keeping the same level of service or better. It creates a unique process that avoids you from overpaying and underutilizing, while making sure you never have to.


We know the value of time

No more hold time, hang-ups, or spending hours on the phone with customer service.

A simple process

We make sure that confusing bundles, hidden charges, and misleading promises are no longer your problem.

No Savings, No Cost

If no savings are found, our time and efforts to do so cost you nothing.

Getting started

Email us your bill(s)

It all starts with coordinating a phone call, emailing a copy of your latest statements, or a scheduled in-person appointment.


Tell us your likes, dislikes, and preferences

On each individual account(s) we will discuss what services to keep, remove, or upgrade. Removing unneeded items, while keeping all the benefits and service you want.  We contact each account(s) provider to negotiate the best possible rates. Regardless of waiting on hold or being transferred around, we dedicate ourselves to save you money.


Done! Sit back, relax, and wait for good news!

After our process is complete and all savings have been posted and confirmed, we walk you through, step-by-step, to explain the cheaper plan and what to expect on your first statement. We monitor each account(s) to make sure that the savings are being applied for the duration and length of time.



40% of the initial yearly savings.


40% of all savings within the contract period.

Our Promise
No savings found, no cost to you.


reason WHY Our client’s work with us


“We were so happy to find Rick with Premier Solutions. He helped saves us money on AT&T, Direct TV, and Verizon both used personally and in business. Above all, he does it professionally and in such a friendly way. Most importantly, Rick saved us countless hours on “hold” trying to find solutions that were beyond our understanding. Over $800.00 of monthly savings, you will be please to allow Rick to review all your telecommunication accounts.”

Hank and Carole Sipowski,
State Farm Agent 48 years


“Let’s start by saying I’m the type of person who would pay way more money to not have to call any of my providers and deal with the craziness. When I spoke with Rick and heard the amount, he got excited knowing he could help me out. He did exactly that, savings us $260 each month! What he said he would do. The follow up was great and communication was excellent. I truly appreciate what he did for our personal and business accounts, I highly recommend his company.”

Chad Aitken,
GreenTree Air Conditioning, Inc.


“I would highly recommend Rick and his company. We have been working with him for a couple of years now and at every turn he as saved my company money. His initial visit with us saved our company more than $500 per month. I have referred him to several others, and they all have been satisfied.”

Clause Earl Fox,
Med Plus Disability Evaluations, Inc.


“Rick was amazing! Not only did he save me money for my business but also for my home. He went ahead and contacted Comcast and ADT for me. I didn’t have to do anything. He was able to save me money and get me a gift card on top of it! I highly recommend hiring Rick if you’re looking to cut down on costs.”

Maria Media,
Minuteman Press Wilton Manors


“Ricky Giambanco has literally saved us thousands of dollars year after year just by contacting AT&T and Comcast. I highly recommend you contact him today!”

Mark Budwig,
S.MARK Graphics


Rick Giambanco, President

Premier Solutions, Inc.

O: 954-591-9565

Rick Giambanco founder and president started Premier Solutions, Inc, on December 7th, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After a successful career in the telecom industry, he’s inspiration derived from a well-known fact that both business owners and consumers were overpaying and underutilizing on their monthly expenses, along with having to experience a tedious and complicated process. Since then, he’s built an independent service that works for the customer, not the provider. Bringing each customer, the best savings, while eliminating the time consuming and frustrating process to do so.