Frequently Ask Questions

What does Premier Solutions, Inc. do?

For most companies, trying to negotiate expenses and control costs is a painful, time-consuming, and frustrating process. This includes long wait times, complex automated systems, multiple transfers, and in-consistent customer care.

Premier Solutions will skillfully negotiate the best discounts and lowest prices directly with your existing provider, all while keeping the exact same services. Our team secures the best savings, so that your business pays the lowest amount.

What expenses can you negotiate?

We negotiate expenses across various categories, such as utilities, software, telecom, trash, shipping, payroll, and more.

Will you change my services?

Service quality outweighs price. We guarantee no changes or downgrades to your services. If the renegotiated savings come with improved quality, we will notify you.

What happens if I move or cancel service?

If you move, the discounts move with you. In the event of account cancellation, we will not charge you for savings you no longer benefit from.

Do you negotiate past due bills?

Unfortunately, we do not. Unless the past due balance is related to early termination fees, service outages, international fees, or fraudulent charges.

How much of a hassle is it for me?

All we need is an invoice. Tracking down your most recent statements and emailing us a copy takes minutes. If needed, we will even call your provider and email you a copy.

How do you get paid?

We simply share a percentage of the savings we get for you. If there’s no savings, there’s no fee.

How long will it take?

We start negotiating as soon as we receive your invoice. Typically, negotiations are concluded within the same month, while savings are applied on the very next month.

How do I send my bills?

A copy of your latest PDF bill(s) can be sent via email to our company email address.

Is my information secure?

We take our client’s information and data very seriously using both server authentication and data encryption at every level. We will not share or sell your information with anyone, ever.